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While in the Corona lockdown, many cultural workers are trying to make up for lost earnings with online performances. Your donation will help the non-profit initiative to further develop the necessary software in its third project phase. at #WirVsVirus finals with Demo Day and federal government on Oktober 1st 2020 presented in 5 min by André Siebelist (Koordination development bei at #WirVsVirus Finale on Oktober 1st 2020: #WirVsVirus Finale    

BR Klassik Leporello reports on digitale stage: Antonia Goldhammer (in german)

… and an additional report n the website:  

Live online concert of our partner ORLANDOviols – Tuesday 20/07/07 at 6pm CEST

During these distracted times without concerts we developed an audio interface which allows us to play music together despite our spatial separation. We have been playing together in our virtual rehearsal room since mid April, exploring rarely played repertoire. This allowed us to develop a new concert programme revolving around the six-part Fantasies of the progressive young composer William Lawes, who unfortunately died much too young (1602-1645).
This programme will be presented as a streaming concert: performed at five different locations simultaneously, connected through the internet. Your concert experience is not only about hearing – you can watch us playing in an interactive virtual space, arranged around you. Join and explore!

The concert The Gentle True Spirit: a happy concert in these distracted Tymes will be streamed live this Tuesday 2020/07/07,  at 6pm CEST :





The German Federal Ministry of Culture and Media, Monika Grütters, has confirmed a mentorship of the digital stage project. We appreciate this support!

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