The Digital Stage is an initiative started during the “wirvsvirus” hackathon of the German Federal Government: “Wir gemeinsam gegen das Virus”. The project has brought together over 100 experts working to enable artistic ensembles to rehearse and perform online.

It is very difficult to sing, play, and rehearse in groups online. Most of the video conferencing services are not set up to meet the necessary technical requirements. Anyone who has tried singing “Happy Birthday” in an online video conference, or better yet, start a simple countdown “10..9..8..7..6..5…” has experienced the delay and the overlapping of voices which make it simply impossible to enjoy.

There are solutions available that fit certain needs (some are discussed in our forum). Most of these solutions have advantages and disadvantages. Our goal is not to be an additional competing product, but rather a bridge to the many ensembles that are currently looking for a solution. In our discussions with them, we have learned that commercial solutions are often too expensive for them or require certain technical requirements that they cannot afford. Freely available solutions, on the other hand, have a steep learning curve and require a certain amount of technical knowledge to use. We aim to fill the gap with a product that can be adapted to different needs and easy to use.

The Digital Stage is a non-profit project. The initiators and sponsors, !KF and ITI, are both non-profit organizations. The support and promotion of art and culture is written in our constitution. We publish our software as an “open source” license and contractually guarantee this to our sponsors.

1) make our project known among its members, so that everyone can use the service
2) join the project as a partner
3) offer financial support (responsibly)
4) convince other associations and institutions to participate as well
(the more associations and institutions are involved, the more attractive we become for the funding agencies and industry partnerships)

Any amount helps. Even a few euros will support our efforts. However, small donations should be transferred to our bank account, rather than using the online donation, as the fees for the online donation will take a large part of your contribution away.

Our project sponsor is the International Theatre Institute Germany (ITI) and manages the project account: iti-germany.de

  • enable more freedom to be creative:
    new, innovative, hybrid theater and concert formats
    also, for small and medium-sized stages and organizers
  • strengthen the global creative community:
    creating an experience of a community instead of competition
  • attendance at rehearsals and lessons from the comfort of your home,
    a vacation or from a guest performance location
  • create new possibilities for audience interaction
  • expand online teaching at universities, also in normal operation
  • reducing CO2 emissions through reduced travel
    (For example, reading and construction rehearsals, auditions, castings and entrance examinations can easily be carried out online
  •  enable international cooperation
    (Online festivals or at parallel locations, “World Choir”)
  • feel free to send us your ideas!