Many artistic productions seek to rehearse together from different locations and perform in front of a live audience. The existing possibilities are video conferencing systems with voice optimization. These often only allow for 2-3 people to be heard at the same time, with a long transmission delay, making it difficult, if not impossible, to perform together.


An audio-video conferencing system with peer-to-peer connections, designed specifically for the needs of music, dance, theatre and visual arts. We plan to implement three versions with different focuses and quality:

1. version: browser-based, works with any internet device (also smartphones)

2. version: locally installed computer application

3. version: standalone hardware (computer not required)

These variants would provide an audio delay in the range of (1.) 100ms (2.) 50ms and (3.) 30ms

The service will be free of charge to artistic institutions and independent productions.

Audio-Video conference example shown by the Serbian national orchestra


  • Financing the development
  • Developing technical infrastructure and supportive structures
  • Extending networking to universities, music schools, schools, churches and cultural institutions
  • Adapting the financing model in order to be able to permanently offer the service free of charge