We are currently developing three prototypes for different technical requirements, which will all be compatible with each other. All versions are still under development but can already be tested. We are looking forward to your experience report.

digital stage web is suitable for theater, choirs and dance and works in principle with any internet-capable device. The prototype can be tested on live.digital-stage.org

digital stage PC should also be suitable for more time-critical music and music theater. We are working on locally installable programs for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. The test phase of the audio component “soundjack” is finished and its embedding is programmed. Further audio components are currently being integrated, starting with the OVBox by ORALANDOviols. The video component is initially identical to Digital Stage Web. Instructions for installation can be found here. forum.digital-stage.org provides technical advice and support.

digital stage box is a PC-independent minicomputer and is supposed to offer a minimum latency for special musical requirements. It is available in two versions (OVBox based on ORLANDOviols technology and Sprawl) and can already be tested. It offers the opportunity to also be reconfigured to and from a soundjack Fastmusic Box. If you are interested in a test, please contact us.

For all three versions we are working on the functions of a central audio (stereo and 3D) and an integrated image mixing, which will reduce the data traffic even more.

If you have any questions, please visit our forum: