Our network

The Digital Stage network comprises a large number of sponsors and development partners from a wide range of sectors of society, politics and business.

Development and implementation partners

Our development and implementation partners are directly involved in the development process of the Digital Stage. They use our applications as part of their artistic and educational work. The feedback from this practical application enables us to continuously improve our systems and also to perfectly adapt them to the needs of artistic practice. This creates strong partnerships that guarantee mutual inspiration.

Partner network

The work of Digital Stage is based on the idea of joint networking. In addition to the cooperation with our development and implementation partners, we therefore are part of a widely branching and constantly growing network of companies, educational institutions, as well as governmental and civil society organizations.

The exchange with our partners continuously creates new impulses for our development work and sharpens our vision. We are very grateful for the support we have received over the past two years. We look forward to further cooperation.


We thank our sponsors for their active support.

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