Who we are

We provide a video conferencing service for the arts.
Together, in real time and with low latency.

About Digital Stage

Digital Stage provides an audio-video system for music, theater, dance and performance in an excellent audio quality. Our technology enables collaborative music making, rehearsing, practicing, teaching and performing via the Internet in real time. Moreover, we offer consulting, support and networking services.

We work on a non-profit basis. Therefore, we provide the Digital Stage to our partner institutions and associations, as well as to other professionals and amateurs from the arts and culture, free of charge or at cost price

The feedback of our users empowers us to continuously improve our systems. Our national and international network, provides a constantly expanding community of mutual support.

Together with all our partners, we are working to point out the multi-directional perspectives of the digital space for professionals and amateurs.

Digital Stage emerged in 2020 as an initiative from the German government's #WirVsVirus hackathon. The project was initially developed by the !KF - Institute for Artistic Research Berlin and the International Theatre Institute (ITI), in December 2021 it was transformed in the non-profit company Digitale Bühne gGmbH. Starting as an initiative with about 100 participants, the project has grown into a multidisciplinary network that currently includes more than 70 institutions.

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